Matt Walsh’s G. I. Joe Jesus

The following is a response to a post on The Matt Walsh Blog posted yesterday titled,

Jesus didn’t care about being nice and tolerant so neither should you

My reply:

Before you go selling your G.I. Joe Jesus, you better be clear who he was raging against and why. If you are advocating Christians to go into the world and do more gay bashing or bomb more abortion clinics, you are misdirecting Jesus’ aggression. 

Jesus was very nice to repentant sinners and very ugly to religious people who thought they had all the answers. He really hated the “I’m right and your wrong” crowd.

Matt, this article sounds like you’re advocating Christians to go into the world shouting, “We’re right and you’re wrong!” 

I am very much a believer in G.I. Joe Jesus. But his rage comes against those in the house of faith who misrepresent the Father. His table turning torrent was in the “House of God.” Peter told us judgement begins with the House of God (1 Peter 4:17).

If you want to fight, it’s going to be against your father and mother, and pastor and brother, not against people out in “the world” you don’t care about.

Our fight is to keep the Gospel Message pure. Call to account those preaching in Jesus’ name. Our message as Christians to the world is not one of condemnation. 

What should our attitude as Christ Followers be to “the World”? John 3:17: “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”

You’re right that Jesus never used the word “nice” but he did use the word “love” a lot. 

Matt Walsh, save your judgement for the House of God.


6 thoughts on “Matt Walsh’s G. I. Joe Jesus

  1. Michael says:

    Walsh also uncritically accepts conflicting narratives, which represent different stages in the then-developing Christian thought about Jesus, as equally authoritative regarding the identity and personality of Jesus. One simply cannot brush aside the contradictory images of Jesus in the New Testament that arise because the new Church was trying to figure out what and who Jesus was.

    • Michael,
      It’s amazing to me that we’ve all had 2000 years to figure out who he was and what his message was. How far have we got?
      I am alarmed at this brand of internet Christianity that so easily trades people for issues.

  2. Jennie says:

    I love your response to Matt’s post. Because of all you’ve experienced, you have amazing perspective. That and your deep knowledge of scripture has me anticipating your next blog post. You my friend, have the gift of writing.

  3. A friend told me it was imposssable to get anyone from the Walsh blog to apply reason or logic. I didn’t believe it,till I tried. Thanks for being one of the objective voices out there.

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